Abstracts Overview

What is an abstract?

An abstract is a short statement about your research/work designed to give the reviewer(s) and the congress attendants a comprehensive yet concise understanding of your research/work.
Format: Please use the attached format and follow the following instructions:

We will only accept MS Word files. If you are submitting a MAC version, please submit as PC compatible.


The full abstract should be no longer than one A4 page; with margins of 2.54cm.


Times New Roman; text size 12 unless otherwise specified.


Type the title of your abstract in all CAPITALS and bold, font size 14, centered.


First name and Surname of each author, bold, font size 12, centered. Presenting author’s name to be underlined.


Name of department and institution, font size 12, bold, centered. Include affiliation of all co-authors if different from the presenting author. Preceding each address with the corresponding superscripted number.


Single line spacing and full justification.


Begin each new paragraph with a single indent on the first line. Do not leave lines between paragraphs.


These should be in bold, font size 12, each on a separate line and should not be indented.




Heading-bold, size 12. Optional to include.

Suggestions for Quality

  • Abstract must be written in English.
  • Title should be short and informative, with a maximum length of two lines.
  • All abstracts will undergo a peer review process prior to acceptance, and may be edited, returned for editing or refused.

Acceptance of Abstracts

Abstracts will be reviewed for acceptance through Universities and collaborating organizations. The corresponding author will be notified of the result by their E-mails. If you did not hear from us by February 1th 2010, please contact Conference Chairman (Prof. Dr. Osama Salama, E-mail: [email protected] or Conference General Secretary Prof. Dr. Mervat El-Enany, E-mail: [email protected]

Confirmation of Individual Registration

A personalized confirmation e-mail will be sent to each participant once payment of the registration fees has been received in the conference bank account.

Abstracts once accepted cannot be changed.

  • Your Responsibility

You are requested to:

  • Insure that all listed co-authors have reviewed the abstract, taken responsibility of its contents and accepted to be co-author.
  • Make sure that all your co-authors are listed on the abstract form (on the dedicated page for listing co-authors).

Submission of your abstract

  • The submission of the abstracts must be made using the dedicated website abstract form. Paper submissions, faxed or e-mailed abstracts will not be accepted.
  • If you have prepared your abstract in a Word document, make sure that no changes have been introduced through copy/pasting into the submission form.
  • By submitting an abstract to FUE-ICPT, the author(s) agree to allow publication of submitted information at the FUE-ICPT website and in publications. Authors of abstracts invited to present their work through a short oral presentation grant permission to FUE-IPCT to display their presentation for future distribution.

After submission

After the submission of your abstract, a review process will take place. The goal of such a process is not to set a competition for a limited number of slots but to ensure that all abstracts presented meet minimum professional standards and reflect a good work. Such standards are reflected in these guidelines.
This process review will be applied uniformly to all abstracts.

The most frequent reasons for rejecting an abstract could be

  • Not properly written or not understandable
  • No new information provided
  • Preliminary work not yet finalised
  • Promotional in nature
  • Previously published
  • Duplicate of another abstract