Chair:  Prof. Dr. Bassem El Menshawi (EGYPT)
Co-Chair:  Prof. Dr. Omar El-Ahmady (EGYPT)

February 7, 2012

8:00-8:30           Registration/Sign-In
8:30-9:15          Controlled Release Inhalation Therapy
Dr. Rania Salama (AUSTRALIA, EGYPT)
9:15-10:00       Diagnosis and monitoring of infectious diseases                                                 
Dr. Graham Timmins (USA)
10:00-10:30      Coffee Break
10:30-11:15     Isotope-Enhanced Pharmaceuticals to Improve Efficacy and
                        Deter Counterfeiting
                         Dr. Graham Timmins (USA)
11:15-12:00    Applications of Solid Lipid Nanoparticles in Cancer Therapy
                       Dr. Alaa Eldeen Yassin (KSA)
12:00-1:00     Lunch
1:00-1:45       Red Blood Cells as Novel Drug Delivery Systems
Prof. Dr. Fars Alanazi (KSA)
1:45-2:30      Transdermal Delivery of Biopharmaceuticals:
                      Overcoming The  Barrier
                      Dr. Sarah Adel Ibrahim (USA)
2:30-3:00       Coffee Break
3:00-3:45       Challenges in transdermal drug delivery
                      Dr. Linda Felton (USA)
3:45-5:30       Clinical Evaluation of Novel Adhesive Film Containing                              
Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Al Sarra (KSA)

February 8, 2012

8:30-9:15           Nanomedicine: Opportunities and Challenges
Prof. Dr. Uday Kompella (USA)
9:15-10:00         Manufacturing of Nanoparticles
Prof. Dr. Uday Kompella (USA)
10:00-10:30      Coffee Break
10:30-12:00       “In”s and “Out”s of Ocular Drug Delivery
                          Prof. Dr. Clive Wilson (GB)
12:00-1:00          Lunch


1:00-2:00      Vitreous as a barrier and vehicle for Ocular Drug
                      Prof. Dr. Clive Wilson (GB)
2:00-3:00      Technology to Dose Powder for Inhalation
Eng.  Fadhel Belaiba and Dr. Karlheinz Seyfang (GERMANY)
3:00-3:30       Coffee Break
3:30-4:15       Applications of Nanotechnology for Gene                                                           
                       Prof. Dr. Uday Kompella (USA)
4:15-5:15       Nanotechnology for drug delivery systems
Prof. Dr. Silvia Kocova El-Arini (EGYPT)

February 9, 2012
8:30-9:15          Quality by Design (QbD): The New Paradigm
Dr. Patrick Crowley (USA)
9:15-10:00         Personalised Medicine: Opportunities and Challenges 
    Dr. Gino Martini (GB)
10:00-10:30       Coffee Break
10:30-11:30       Controlling Release from Dosage Forms. The Future!
    Dr. Gino Martini (GB)
11:30-1:00       Breakout Session with Feedback to Consider How QbD and Science- Based Drug Design Might Be Reduced to Practice
1:00-2:00          Lunch

2:00-2:45       Factors Affecting Drug Absorption
Dr. Gino Martini (GB)
2:45-3:30       Science-Based Stability Considerations
Dr. Patrick Crowley (USA)
3:30-4:00           Coffee Break
4:00- 4:30      Drug-Excipient Interactions                                                                                                        Dr. Patrick Crowley (USA)
4:30-5:00       Are GMP and QbD Compatible and what Needs to Change?
Discussion by Participants