Future University In Egypt (FUE)

Engineering consultancy and development center

Equipment and Setup of the Center:

Several well equipped Laboratories are available at the faculty of engineering and technology of the FUE which enable the Engineering Consultancy & Development Center to be one of the centers of high capabilities in consultancy and research. The following laboratories are available:  

  • Electrical circuits and measurements laboratory.
  • Advanced electronics laboratory (electronic circuits and communications).
  • Microprocessor and automatic control laboratory.
  • Electrical machines and power laboratory.
  • Antennas and finite waves laboratory.
  • Laser and electro optical laboratory.
  • Practical training and projects laboratory.
  • Thermal dynamics laboratory.
  • Fluid mechanics laboratory.
  • Mechatronic laboratory.
  • Robotics laboratory.
  • Surveying laboratory.
  • Properties and testing of materials and soil mechanics laboratory.
  • Environmental studies laboratory.
  • Core and Mud lab for Petroleum Engineering.
  • Technological and production engineering workshop.
  • Chemistry laboratory.
  • Physics laboratories (4).
  • Computer laboratories (4).

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