Future University In Egypt (FUE)

Engineering consultancy and development center

Objectives and Activities of the Center:

The FUE-ECDC has the goal of offering comprehensive engineering consultancies and technical studies in different engineering fields with the objective of finding innovative, economic, and untraditional solutions for the problems which may face the development of Egyptian industry sector. Also, the center is keen to offer training sessions for the engineers and technicians of the profession with the objective of providing the trainers with the advanced up to date engineering theories and technologies . These objectives can be achieved through strengthening the cultural and scientific relations of the center with different local and international universities, research centers, Public and privet organizations and associations. The center performance depends on the experience of his staff members (Faculty, TAs, Technicians, and Secretary) from the Faculty of Engineering and Technology of the FUE, as well as on the strong infrastructure of the faculty (well organized laboratories provided with up to date equipment). In addition, the center cooperates with experts (Staff members and Technicians) and specialized laboratories from other local and international universities and consultancy centers.  

  • Offering scientific consultancies in different engineering fields based on the academic and practical experience of his members.
  • Offering training programs for the engineers in different engineering fields to provide them with the advanced theoretical and practical principles necessary for competing internationally in different engineering and technological specializations.
  • Carrying out the necessary technical studies and applied scientific researches that contribute in the total and sustainable development of the Egyptian Society.
  • Constituting an expert firm of development and technological planning researches capable of offering the scientific help for individuals, associations, organizations, and industrial companies interested in technological and sustainable development.
  • Offering the continues engineering education services for the technical staff in governmental and privet associations and companies to develop their qualifications and capabilities and to provide them with the new techniques in different engineering sectors.
  • Contributing with other local and international colleges of engineering and technology in organizing scientific conferences, meetings, and workshops for the purpose of information exchange, enhancing the engineering profession, and protecting the environment from inconvenient technological applications.
  • Signing up MOUs for scientific cooperation and for faculties and students exchange with local as well as international universities and scientific associations in different engineering and technological aspects.
  • Serving the Egyptian community through the awareness of individuals and organizations with the correct technological engineering behaviors.
  • Offering the possibilities for both local and international scientific publication in different fields of engineering specialties.
  • The application of the value engineering principles in studying the center engineering projects to offer the optimum technical as well as economic solutions.
  • Insuring the application of quality control principles in every step of analysis, design, executing and management of the projects given to the center or one of its technical units.
  • Constituting comprehensive computerized data base of engineering information and mathematical models to offer alternative solutions and to support the decision making.
  • Adopting high levels of quality control during the supervision on the projects execution through the restrict application of the regulations of the considered national or international specifications and codes of practice.

The Engineering Consultancy & Development Center of the FUE can be considered as the core of the Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Research center which is being now developed at the faculty of engineering and technology with the cooperation of other local and international universities.  

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