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Welcome Note

Many students make the academic transition to university life, but then forget about life on campus outside the classroom. At Future University in Egypt we believe in an integrated environment of enjoyable activities as well as academic study.

The campus provides a dynamic environment with opportunities for fun and growth beyond the classroom. The broad offering of activities found in the student committees creates the opportunity for students with similar interests to meet and share their enthusiasms. As a result, it’s not unusual for friendships to develop that last well beyond a student’s time at university.

Together, we shall determine what your aspirations are and endeavor to achieve them in an atmosphere of fun. We will provide guidance towards enriching your experience at FUE in various fields such as sports, social, artistic and cultural activities.
We are very happy to meet you and hope that you have an enjoyable year at Future University.

Please do not hesitate to pass by my office at any time and feel free to enquire about any of the activities available

Manal Khalil
Director Student Life Department


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