Portrait Club

Portrait Club For the gifted and professionals, this club appeals to those students interested in learning the basics of using oil paints and water-colors for the arts of painting portraits and natural scenery. Being able to capture in paint the likeness of a human face on canvas is certainly a sought after accomplishment for many young painters. It can also be something of a challenge and is a skill that takes years to master.

As well as having the technical skills, which you need to paint portraits, the portrait painter needs to bring out the subject’s personality. The main reason a person wants a portrait painted is to present a striking image to the world.

Portraits take many forms: photographs, caricatures, drawings, and paintings, self-portraits, group portraits, portraits of a person sitting staring out from the frame and portraits which go to extreme lengths to show the subject's personality, and sometimes to show movement. But one thing is common in all portraits: they attempt to show something about someone. Whether a straightforward view of a face or a more complex image, showing the entire character of the individual, all portraits try to include someone's inner and external likeness.

If you are appreciative of the human image and psychology, enjoy painting and drawing them, then this club is for you!


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