Qaherat Al-Moez & Soor Al-Azbakiyya Festival Activities (February 18 – 21, 2018)

News First: Opening Ceremony Sunday February 18, 2018 at 1:00 pm

The festival starts with Tannoura and Folklore Shows

Second: Artistic Workshops “Street Art Week”

1. Charcoal Drawing Workshop titled “Cinematographic Cadres” with Artist Dr Hanafy Mahmoud.
2. Pastel Workshop with Artist Mr Mohamed Khider.
3. Caricature and Comics Workshop with Artist Dr Amr Talaat.
4. Wood Crafting Workshop with Artist Ahmed El Fawal.
5. Turf Thread Workshop with Artist Ibrahim ElBardi.
6. Jewelry and Accessories Workshop with Artist Ms Rasha Soliman.
7. Sculpturing Workshop with Artist Dr Mohamed Abbas.
8. Mosaic Workshop with Artist Dr Mohamed Benoy.
9. Wire Crafting Workshop with Artist Dr Amer Abdel Hakim.
10. Various art workshops for University students (Drawing on stones, Doodling, Button Art, Drawing on Glass, Drawing on canvas).
11. Garage Sale for students’ crafts, all profits go to Baheya Hospital.
12. Street Art Competition (Drawing on Glass, Drawing on canvas and free drawing).
13. Mini Games organized by FUE Team for Community Services.
14. Students’ Photography booth (in the Tent).

Third: Exhibitions and Bazars

- Fine Arts Exhibition of FUE students includes:
1. Oil paintings, portraits, caricature and comic magazines, graphics, patchwork art, mosaics and photography
2. Ceramic Pots
3. Leather Products
4. Jewelry, Accessories and Silver
5. Historical and Egyptian Attires
- Exhibition for Working Families (The Egyptian Society for Developing Skills of Children with Special Needs and Autism).
- Exhibition for Sinai Products (Small Business Development Association, Bir El Abd, Sinai)
- Exhibition for El-Fustat (Handmade products)

Fourth: Soor Al-Azbakiyya

1. Scientific, historic and literature books
2. Early additions of old newspapers and magazines
3. Stamps and ancient coins
4. Latest books and publications
5. Old records
6. Scientific and literary encyclopedias

Fifth: Cultural Debates and Performances

- Poetry recital by Hisham El Gakh
- A Sufi Performance by Artist Amer El Touni band
- Poetic and cultural evening by FUE students
- FUE students’ talent show accompanied with Takht Sharqi
- Takht Sharqi daily performances

Sixth: Oriental Catering

- Popcorn
- Sweet Potatoes
- Cotton Candy
- Lupin bean
- Corn
- Zalabia
- Koshary
- Sausage and Liver Sandwiches


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