Photographers Club

Photographers Club Photography is a wonderful hobby and has proved to be very popular among the students. This club focuses on taking and collecting fine photographic shots and participating in photographic competitions. Students can also learn many of the technicalities involved in digital as well as film based photography.

The aim of the club is to promote photographic interest within the university and provide a place for anyone with an interest in photography to meet and exchange ideas and share experiences. The club organizes various lectures, demonstrations, and competitions. It is our practice to welcome everyone with an interest in photography, regardless of their experience.

The Photography Club main objectives are to:

Photographers Club
  • Provide meeting places for club activities and round table discussions.
  • Present topics for inspiration, education, motivation, and the artistry of photography.
  • Provide educational workshops.
  • Promote photographic competitions.
  • Promote the club and its members through the public display of photography.
  • Provide an outlet for the expression of creativity and the sharing of skills and experiences.
  • Provide photographic instruction and mentoring.
  • Strive to have fun with photography.


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