Blue Sky Club

Blue Sky Club Egypt is a beautiful country, however with a growing population, factories and automobiles are a major source of air pollution in Egypt. We want to keep the Nile River clean and full of fish and fresh clean water. We want clean streets, parks and public areas. We want to sit outside and smell fresh air as well as enjoy Egypt’s abundant sunshine. The environment in Egypt needs our help and we truly feel we can make a difference. The key is awareness, education, and engagement from the community for each do their part. This club concentrates on addressing environmental issues in Egypt and globally. Students contribute through activities such as: 
  • Recycling projects
  • Tree planting projects
  • "Keep Egypt clean" campaigns


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  • “First step to enhance the international standing of FUE pharmacy program.”

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  • “Enrich your skills and join FUE Continuing Education Programs”

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  • “A journey from nature to therapy”

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