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Dissolution Testers Vision® G2 Elite 8™

Pharmaceutical Technology Lab Vision G2 Elite 8 is a modern successor to the popular Hanson SR8-Plus. The G2 Elite 8 is a versatile performance machine, built for automation and extended applications. Features include a Vision heater system, moulded water bath, 8-position Easi-Lock vessel plate, Easi-Lift head with 8 precision drive spindles, and color touch screen programming with up to 100 protocols. Options include the AutoMAg with sampling probes and digital temperature probes DTPs. 

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Vision® G2 AutoPlus™ Autosampler & Autofill™ Collecto

Pharmaceutical Technology Lab The Vision G2 AutoPlus is an upgrade of the popular Hanson autosampler. The G2 AutoPlus comes with a choice of 6 or 8 sampling channels, and Disso Scan (1-bath) or Maximizer (multi-bath & multi-routine) configurations. Precision syringe pump mechanics, all-inert tubing and valves, and colour touch screen programming with up to 100 protocols are standard on each instrument. 

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DIFFUSION CELL SYSTEM Microette Plus Autosampler

Pharmaceutical Technology Lab The Microette Plus systems provide automatic sampling from topical and transdermal percutaneous diffusion cells and collection into HPLC vials for sample analysis.

Microette Plus Autosampler :The Microette incorporates Hanson "AutoPlus" technology, including precision six-channel syringe pump, Teflon valves and sample tubing, user-friendly programming with graphical display, up to 25 test protocols, "Com-Switch" for system and Multi-Group communications, automatic media replace at time of sampling, jacketed media replace beaker and supply kit. MultiFill Collector, vertical diffusion cells, and cell drive systems must be ordered with each system; circulating water baths and other accessories are available as options US Patents and patents pending.  

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Zetasizer Nano

The Zetasizer Nano Z system is dedicated to the measurement of zeta potential and electrophoretic mobility in aqueous and non-aqueous dispersions using Laser Doppler Micro-Electrophoresis. 

Pharmaceutical Technology Lab
  • Zeta potential using patented M3-PALS technology.
  • A ‘Quality Factor’ and ‘Expert Advice System’ gives the confidence of having an expert at your shoulder.
  • 21CFR part 11 software option to enable compliance with ER/ES.
  • Research software option to give access to further features and analysis algorithms for the light scattering specialist.
  • Automation of measurements using an autotitrator option.
  • Alternative laser, 50mW at 532nm for samples incompatible with the standard 633nm laser.
  • Optical filter option to improve measurements with fluorescent sample.
  • Temperature range extension option to 120°C.
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Nano Spray Dryer B-90 Buchi

Pharmaceutical Technology Lab A pioneering instrument for R&D studies using small sample quantities the latest application trends in pharmaceutical formulation and nanotechnology demonstrate the need for fine particles in small powder quantities and with very high yields. The Nano Spray Dryer B-90 is Buchi’s 4th generation lab scale spray dryer and is particularly designed to evaluate spray drying during the early stages of product development. The modular and flexible glass design makes it easy to spray dry a whole variety of applications and is ideal for feasibility studies in R&D laboratories where only milligrams of powder need to be dried. 

Incubator Shaker from IKA KS 4000 i Control

Pharmaceutical Technology Lab The IKA KS 4000i control incubator shaker features a compact design that is loaded with features, safely allows unattended operations, and has available a comprehensive selection of attachments and accessories that fit most types of sample containers. It offers a larger internal chamber size which allows for larger sample sizes. It is quickly becoming the incubator shaker of choice in laboratories around the globe.
Speed, time, and temperature parameters can be set using the large LED display or remotely using the lab world soft ® software. Integrated PID temperature controls ensure reliable and accurate temperature settings. IKA always keeps safety in mind. The KS 4000i incubator stops automatically when the hood is lifted.

- 20kg/44lb platform capacity, 20mm orbit, 10-500rpm speed range and Room temp +5° - 80 °C.

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IKA RW20 digital stirrer

IKA RW 20 series designs offer the ideal overhead stirrer for your stirring and mixing tasks in the lab - for lower to high viscosities. IKA overhead stirrers effortlessly process stirring quantities of up to 200 liters. IKA lab stirrers and overhead stirrers stand out due to their indispensable features, including an electronic safety circuit, a digital display, A broad spectrum of stirring tools is the key to successful mixing.  

Pharmaceutical Technology Lab
  • Robust, slim line, ergonomic design.
  • Technical improvements on the trusted.
  • With constant power-drive.
  • Two speed ranges for universal use from 60 - 2.000 rpm.
  • Push-through agitator shafts (only when stationary).
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Microprocessor Sieve Shaker, Analysette 3 Pro

Pharmaceutical Technology Lab
  • Measuring Range: 20µm - 25 mm, 635 mesh - 1 inch.
  • Maximum Sample Quantity: 10 gr - 5 kg depending upon sieve's mesh size.
  • Analysis Time: 10 - 30 min. dry sieving 5 - 15 min. for wet sieving.
  • Number of Sieves: 8 full-height sieves, 16 half-height sieves Dry Sieving Accessories: Plexi glass Sieving Head and pan.
  • Wet Sieving Accessories: Sieving head with 3 nozzles, Sieving Ring with 3 nozzles, Pan with outlet.
  • Other Possibilities: Convertible to Micro Mill.
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Hardness tester

Pharmaceutical Technology Lab The Varian VK200 is a tablet hardness tester. This instrument is ideal for the testing of tablets. Up to 250 tablets can be tested per run by using this system while, at the same time, providing the smallest possible footprint for your lab. This instrument utilizes a sophisticated strain gauge design for its hardness measurements.

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Pharmaceutical Technology Lab For measuring the tendency of a tablet or it's coating to chip or powder when subjected to the mechanical stresses of the coating as well as the shipping and handling processes. The drum turns at a constant 25RPM. As the product in the drum tumbles against the drum's internal vane, it's loss due to breakage or chipping can be measured.  

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Branson Model 3510 Ultrasonic Cleaner

Pharmaceutical Technology Lab
  • Ultrasonic Cleaner, with Digital Timer and Heater.
  • Temperature Monitor and Degas Mode.
  • Capacity 1 gallon tank.
  • Compact 11.5"W x 6"L x 6"D stainless steel tank.
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Homogenizer Heidolph‏ Silent Crusher M

Pharmaceutical Technology Lab
  • With a speed range up to 26,000 rpm, the Silent Crusher M is the most silent homogenizer in the world.
  • Speed can be adjusted individually from 5,000 - 26,000 rpm.
  • Large digital display allows for easy setting and readout even from a distance.
  • Allows for any viscosity up to 5,000 mPa s.
  • Your first choice for any quantities form 0.8 - 2,000 ml.
  • Choose from 13 different sterilizable generators: from 6 - 22 mm diameter you will find options which meet your specification.
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Speed range: 0 to 2400 rpm. Pharmaceutical Technology Lab
  • Continious or pulse mode (once a vessel is pressed).
  • Innovative design - prevents penetration of liquids and spray into the Vortex.
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Analytical Balance Sartorius CPA225D

Pharmaceutical Technology Lab Standard semi-microbalance with a weighing range of 100 | 220 g at a readability of 0, 01 | 0, 1 mg. Integrated features like its fully automatic adjustment function make your daily lab routine more convenient and accurate. 

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