Future University In Egypt (FUE)

Future Factory for Industrial Training (FFIT)


FUE is aiming at being different in both offered facilities to students and learning techniques. Stemming of this, we established a training pharmaceutical plant, where actual simulation of industrial atmosphere takes place; Starting from receiving the raw materials, formulation, production till receiving the product and quality control of the manufactured product. The students attend undergrad courses of industrial 1 and 2 during the academic semester.

Students are also allowed to a 100 hours training program during their summer and mid-year vacations. The students enjoy learning and formulating their own OTC products that they take home or use as giveaways to other FUE students. An intensive training program includes a detailed knowledge of different pharmaceutical, excipients, incompatibilities, and basic requirements of formulation of different dosage forms. At the end of the training course students prepare their own shampoos, hand gels, teething gels, antirehumatic creams, bath bombs, lozenge- discs, antacid tablets, effervescent tablets, disinfectants like; dettol and hand soap. Students get to learn how to prepare different cosmetics and toiletries using natural components. This course will soon be an offered as a post grad. Course helping different community pharmacists and pharmacy owners to produce and sell their own products.  

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