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INCUCELL 55 – Standard

Research Centers
  • 55-liter chamber volume.
  • Working temperature of from +5°C above ambient up to 99,9°C.
  • Noiseless operation and fine air flow in the chamber.
  • High operation comfort, precise temperature regulation and short times of temperature recovery in the chamber after the door opening.
  • High-quality and safe drying, heating and tempering of common laboratory materials in laboratories and industry; suitable for safe processing of microbiological cultures.
  • Standard model with a Fuzzy-Logic microprocessor control system; control elements situated on a foil keyboard, process information indicated on a LED display.
  • Wide range of optional equipment and accessories.
  • Validation possibility (IQ, OQ).
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Carbon dioxide Incubator (CO2CELL)

The units operation is noiseless. As a standard, protective CO2 atmosphere is used. According to your wishes, O2 or NO2 can also be applied. CO2 concentration in the chamber is detected by means of an infra-red sensor with an automatic calibration cycle. The units are provided comfortable graphical LCD display microprocessor control unit. 

Research Centers
  • Chamber volume: 50 and 190 liters.
  • Working temperature: From 5 °C above ambient temperature up to 60 °C.
  • Uncontrolled relative humidity: Up to max. 95 % RH at 37°C.
  • CO2 concentration: From 0.1 to 20 %.
  • CO2 measurement with an infrared sensor.
  • Inner chamber: Standard: Stainless steel DIN 1.4571 (AISI 304).
  • Comfort: Stainless steel DIN 1.4571 (AISI 316).
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Inverted MICROSCOPE Olympus CKX41

Research Centers The CKX microscopes utilize the infinity-corrected optical system for improved visibility and operability in cell checking. The CKX31 is a cost-effective inverted microscope suited to routine applications in a range of fields--from tissue culture and embryology to immunology and pharmacology. Olympus has taken this one step further with the CKX41 developing a modular design approach with the capability of a fluorescence illuminator for GFP; documentation of images with digital imaging and video monitoring. The CKX41 is routinely used for checking cell viability in petri dishes, culture flasks, and multi-well plates. 

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Oven Thermo Scientific

Safety features for essential sample protection: Research Centers
  • A lockable door for restricted access, an alarm sounds if the door is left open accidentally, and an automatic over-and under-temperature alarm.
  • Broad temperature range from 5°C above ambient to 105°C is suitable for drying applications.
  • Dual convection for application versatility—adjustable fan speed from 10 to 100%.
  • Advanced digital timer for daily or weekly on/off cycles.
  • One-of-a-kind 140° contamination cycle reduces microorganism to a minimum—comparable to sterilization—within a six-hour heating cycle.
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Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers -86, Thermo Scientific

Revco® ExF ultra-low temperature freezers have Construction features include: Research Centers
  • 5 interior compartment doors which minimizes cold air loss/warm air intrusion during door openings.
  • Reinforced stainless steel interior and shelves, triple point door gasket, heavy-gauge.
  • Cold-rolled steel cabinets with powder coat paint finish, 5 in. foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation.
  • Ergonomically designed handle, convenient air filter location for inspection and changing.
  • Dual 2" lockable casters, surge suppression.
  • Automatic voltage compensator responds to high and low voltages, 1" access port.
  • Environmentally friendly HFC refrigerants, dual compressors, designed uniquely for this cascade refrigeration system, patented expansion tank design for additional BTU removal, , vacuum relief port on all upright freezers allows easy re-entry after door openings, heavy duty hinges for ensuring positive closure (Uprights).
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Freeze Dryer ALPHA 2-4 LSCplus Christ

Freeze Dryer ALPHA 2-4 LSCplus have: Research Centers
  • Control (Lyo Screen Control plus).
  • Colored touch screen with mimic diagram.
  • Multi language user interface.
  • "One screen"-summary of set values.
  • Graphical summary of programs.
  • Program templates for different products.
  • Detailed message informations.
  • Different scale units °C/°F, mbar/hPa.
  • Access-protection by password.
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High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge Sigma 3-30K

Research Centers
  • Universal refrigerated table top centrifuge; speed range up to 18 000 rpm.
  • Single-knob control with LCD-display.
  • Capacity 4 x 250 ml down to reaction-vials.
  • Simple change of adapters.
  • Maintenance-free induction drives motor. A micro controller controls speed, time, temperature and gravitational field.
  • 10 quadratic and 10 linear preset deceleration and acceleration curves. 10 curves can be programmed and saved. This will help eliminate re-suspension.
  • 50 program memories are available.
  • Also suitable for low speeds e.g. for cell sedimentation, accuracy +/- 2rpm.
  • The rotors may be pre-cooled during standstill.
  • Refrigerant CFC-free (R134a).
  • Magnetic rotor identification prevents the rotor from over-speeding.
  • Product according to national and international safety regulations (IEC 1010).
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Laminar flow hood Thermo Scientific

Research Centers The MSC-Advantage features HEPA-filtration with recirculation of the air inside the work chamber and is ideal for most microbiological and tissue culture applications. The MSC-Advantage may be exhausted to the outside of the building using The MSC-Advantage features HEPA-filtration with recirculation of the air inside the work chamber and is ideal for most microbiological and tissue culture applications.  

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Distiller GFL-2008

Research Centers
  • Performance of 8 l/h., Material stainless steel.
  • With a tank drive.
  • Produce a distillate free from bacteria and pyrogens, with low content of gases.
  • The specific conductivity of the water outlet OK. 2.3 mmhos/cm.
  • Evaporator, condenser and the heating element made of stainless steel.
  • Automatic readout of evaporator for cleaning distillatory apparatuses electrical with accumulation tank.
  • Thermostatic protection from lack of water.
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