November 14, 2020

Egypt in a Changing World

Egypt lives in a world that is witnessing major changes, not only in its structures and processes, but also in the most urgent new challenges and issues that it has to face. The rise of new global and regional forces and entities, the return of interest in the 'state' after decades of talk about the decline of its importance in the face of globalization, the increasing growth of communication networks between parts of the world, the colossal technological revolution, climate change, the growth of ‘gig economy’, successive economic shocks, the escalation of terrorism, the spread of new epidemics, the growing concern about rapid social changes .all these are examples of the changes that surround Egypt and the world in which it lives. These changes pose enormous challenges to Egypt movement-whether within or outside its borders-and necessitates the formulation of effective and efficient policies to encounter them.

This conference invites researchers to participate in discussing and assessing the Egyptian state policies regarding these challenges, as well as to contribute with their recommendations to make these policies more efficient and of much greater impact.

Conference Date:

March 13, 2023

Conference Venue:

Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski, New Cairo, Egypt