November 14, 2020

About the Faculty

The Faculty of Economics and Political Science (economicspoliticalscience) was established in 2006 in accordance to the Presidential Decree No. 254 of the year 2006. economicspoliticalscience is one of the six faculties at the Future University in Egypt.

The faculty offers undergraduate students a wide range of major and minor course options in the fields of economics, political science, public administration, and political mass media. The faculty aims at providing a unique program of high quality education, serving as a starting point for potential career development whilst proactively preparing its graduates for the requirements of a highly competitive labor market. This covers a range of career choices whether in the public, non-profit, or private sector. The faculty is distinctive for several reasons: firstly, the University is the only private academic institution embracing a faculty of this interdisciplinary nature. Secondly, the faculty recruits high caliber academicians and practitioners as academic staff, many of whom are internationally renowned, bringing with them years of international experience in their field of expertise. In addition, in an interdisciplinary social science faculty, all of the faculty staff work together as a team, bringing about a wide range of social science perspectives and employing them for teaching, instruction, and social problem-solving. Finally, but not exhaustively. The faculty rigorously pursues research projects and training in issues of pressing global and regional significance.