Future University In Egypt (FUE)

M.Sc. Admission Requirements Registration and transfer

• The master’s program accepts by credit hour system graduates of faculties of computers and information technology at the Future University and graduates from faculties of computers and information and faculties of artificial intelligence in public and private universities, as well as those who have an equivalent degree approved by the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities.

It is also permissible to teach the master's curricula electronically via the distance education system, as well as to hold exams electronically whenever the infrastructure is available for that.

The Faculty accepts in the Master of Computer Science program graduates of the Department of Computer Science and the corresponding departments, and in the Master of Information Systems program it accepts graduates of the Department of Information Systems and the corresponding departments.

• A student may not register more than 15 credit hours in the fall or spring semester.

• The maximum number of credit hours registered in the summer semester is 6 hours.

• The college accepts the transfer of students from the corresponding colleges who are registered in the pre-master's stage, after equivalence and offsetting the student with the subjects that are in line with the college regulations.

Study and registration time frames
The master and Diploma academic year is divided into three semesters as follows:
Fall semester starts in the second week of September and lasts for 16 weeks

• Spring Semester: It starts in the second week of February and lasts for 16 weeks

• Summer semester: starts in the first week of July and lasts for 6 weeks

Registration must be within two weeks preceding the beginning of the semester, after completing the registration requirements and paying the prescribed fees.

Admission and registration are opened three times a year, in the fall, spring and summer semesters.