Future University In Egypt (FUE)

Academic Advising

1- Advising is an ongoing partnership between students and their advisors in which students seek and receive guidance with course selection and career planning consistent with their abilities and interests.

2- Advisors are available to all M.Sc. and Diploma students enrolled in the Faculty of Computers and Information Technology Administration from the student's initial orientation right through graduation, academic. The advisor's role is to:
• Provide students with accurate knowledge about graduation requirements, university policies and procedures.
• Empower students to design their own curricula compatible with their potential and career goals, and take responsibility for their own decisions and achievements.
• Provide encouragement and insights about personal and professional development of students through engagement in career opportunities, campus life, and the community.

3- Students are encouraged to communicate with their assigned academic advisor on a routine basis during their program duration at FUE.

4- Although advisors at FUE actively assist students in making decisions about educational plans and life goals, the ultimate responsibility for fulfilling degree requirements rests with the students