Future University In Egypt (FUE)

Attendance Policy

• Regular and punctual attendance at class meetings is an essential requirement of a student's education at the University. Instructors are encouraged to not allow late comers to enter the classroom.

• A student whose absences exceed 25% of scheduled class meetings in a given course without valid and acceptable justification is not permitted to take the final exam and will receive an ‘F’.

• A student who does not attend a mid-term exam, without an acceptable excuse will receive a zero score for that exam.

• In case of unexcused failure to take a final exam at the scheduled examination time and place, the student will not be allowed to sit for a make-up exam and will receive zero credit points for the course.

• A student may appeal for an incomplete if the student is unable to take the final examination when illness, necessary absence, or other non-academic reasons deemed accepted by the faculty council.