Future University In Egypt (FUE)

Tissue Engineering Research Unit


This research unit will be established based on realizing the great importance of this science and realizing the great potential of recent discoveries such as cloning, genetic engineering and stem cell technology. We hope that through this unit we will be able to catch up with these discoveries, participate in them and make use of them at the local and regional levels.
We saw how stem cells form the basic building materials for the human body. This makes them good candidates for restoring tissues that have been damaged by injury or disease. To combine our resources to ensure the success of our research and training efforts in human disease, diseases that might be prevented, reversed, or improved by stem cell therapy.  

The Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Research unit:

It is focused on developing biomaterials and scaffolds for treating bone/cartilage defects and in understanding the underlying molecular mechanisms the skeletal tissue interaction with biomaterials. 

The Unit is well placed therefore, with facilities and equipment as well as a long and successful track record in biomaterial science, tissue engineering and human adult stem cell biology to move forward in this exciting applied inter- and multi-disciplinary subject. The Unit is set to expand its educational programme and especially to increase its intake of graduate students, hopefully on an international basis, in both PhD research programmes and taught masters programmes.

Future Plans:

  • Organizing varied activities for educating the public and professionals about the importance of molecular biology and ways of making use of its applications.
  • Working with scientific research centers and specialized establishments through contractual research to make use of molecular biology techniques in different fields (medical, dental).
  • Establishing an awareness center for providing information about diseases, contemporary treatments, places where alternative treatments are available and ways to obtain such treatments in addition to working to making these treatments available locally.
  • The Unit will collaborate extensively with industrial and commercial partners, and welcomes undergraduate and postgraduate research students from all over the world for training and research.

Points of interest:

  • Oral and maxillofacial surgery.
  • Oral medicine and Periodontology.
  • Oral histology.
  • Oral pathology.


Cooperation with medical establishments to make use of the molecular biology techniques in the early diagnosis of diseases and increase the public awareness of their causes to reduce their spread as well as working to provide alternative treatments such as the use of recent stem cell technologies. 

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