Future University In Egypt (FUE)

International Conference on Middle East Strategic Landscape

Years after the First World War
September 12-14, 2015 At FUTURE UNIVERSITY CAMPUS


Photo Shooting Day

Graduation Class' 2016 Photo Shooting Day is here!
Be there with your Professors, TAs, Friends & Classmates.

Wednesday 01/06/2016
02:00 pm  Faculty of Economics and Political Science

Saturday 04/06/2016
11:30 am Department of Petroleum Engineering

Monday 06/06/2016
11:30 am Department of Architectural Engineering
               Department of Mechanical Engineering

Tuesday 07/06/2016
11:30 am Department of Structural Engineering and Construction Management
12:00 pm Faculty of Computers and Information Technology
02:00 pm Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmaceutical Industries

Wednesday 08/06/2016
01:00 pm Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine

Tuesday 09/06/2016
11:30 am Department of Electrical Engineering

Monday 13/06/2016
01:00 pm Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration

Please Note that Male Students should wear Formal Suit, White Shirt, Dark Red Tie and Black Shoes. Female Students should wear White Top, Black Skirt and Dark Red Veils (for veiled girls).

Don’t Miss Your Day!