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Graduation Ceremony 2016

News For the last years, Future University in Egypt, has been celebrating an iconic event in our students' history, the graduation ceremony. This Year it was a Ceremony to remember, not only because of the Graduation Ceremony but also because of the 10 years anniversary celebration.

In a Grand three-day Event, FUE held its annual Graduation Ceremony for its Seventh batch of students. The Event took place at the Grand Theatre, Cairo Opera House.

Class of 2016 Graduates as well as a number of Masters and PhD students have all officially graduated from FUE in a Ceremony that they will surely remember for the rest of their lives.  

News The Ceremony started with the Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine on Tuesday 6th of September, Professor Hussien Abdel Hady, Head of the Dentists Syndicate and Prof. Dr. Mostafa El Sayyed attended the first day. Followed by Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmaceutical Industries on Wednesday 7th of September, Doctor Mostafa El Wakil, Vice Head of the Pharmacists Syndicate attended the second day. Ending with the Faculties of Engineering and Technology, Commerce and Business Administration, Computers and Information Technology and Economics and Political Science, on Thursday 8th of September, Eng. Tarek El Nabrawy, Head of the Engineers Syndicate, Dr. Ahmed Mosaad Kasem Vice Head of Commercial Professions Syndicate, Prof. Eileen Strempel – Senior Vice Provost – University of Cincinnati, USA, and Prof. Ralph Flori – Head of Petroleum Engineering – Missouri University of Science and Technology Attended the final Ceremony .  

The Proceedings of each of the three days were basically the same. 

News Graduates waited for calling their names to be handled their certificates, each Graduate was congratulated by Mr. Khaled Azazy, Chairman, Board of Trustees and the University Board as well.  

News Mr. Azazy also handled Prof. Dr. Adel Sakr, Board of Trustees Chair Advisor for Graduate Studies, Research & International Affairs, Prof. Dr. Anthony Perzigian, Board of Trustees Chair Advisor for Quality Assurance & Academic Affairs, Professor Eileen Strempel – Senior Vice Provost – University of Cincinnati and Professor Ralph Flori – Head of Petroleum Engineering – Missouri University of Science and Technology, University Shields on the occasion of celebrating FUE’s Ten Years Anniversary.  

Dr. Ebada Sarhan and the Heads of Syndicates gave speeches followed by the Pledge and the Graduates repeated it after them.  

News Omar Khairat and his Orchestra amazed the audience with his refined music during the three days. Dr. Ebada Sarhan handled the University Shield to Omar Khairat.

Congratulations Class 2016 on this remarkable event.