Future University In Egypt (FUE)

fue International Conference on New Energy and Environmental Engineering

April 11-14, 2016

Dr. Salah M. El Haggar

Dr. El-Haggar’s has more than 30 years' experience in Energy and Sustainable Development Consulting and University teaching. Dr El-Haggar has been a visiting professor at Washington State University and at University of Idaho, U.S.A. He is presently the professor of Energy and Sustainable Development and chair of Mechanical Engineering Department at the American University in Cairo.

Dr. El-Haggar’s has 24 Academic Honors, grants and awards. Dr. El-Haggar received the outstanding teaching award from AUC in 1995 as well as a number of outstanding trustees awards. In 2009, Dr. El-Haggar received excellence in Research and creative endeavour award from AUC. In addition Dr. Haggar has 204 Scientific Publications in Environmental and Energy Fields, 53 invited presentation, 57 technical report, 16 books, one chapter in 5 different books.

Dr. El-Haggar Sustainable Development Consulting experience include 5 mega projects for sustainable building using LEED certification (Gold & Platinum), more than 40 Environmental/Industrial Auditing for major industrial identities, 20 Compliance Action Plan, 9 Environmental Impact Assessment

Dr. El-Haggar has been working in Environmental technologies since 1987. His paramount objective is to transform waste into a useful product. He developed a very simple theory called 7Rs Rule to approach cradle-to-cradle concept. Fundamentally, the theory depends on all kinds of recycling. This is mainly because recycling is considered a pivotal income generating activity that conserves natural resources, protects the environment and provides job opportunities. Dr. El-Haggar published two series of books. The first series of books authored by El-Haggar were published by Dar El-Fikr El-Araby and titled “Cleaner Production Technologies Series” with five books. This cleaner production series demonstrates the method to transfer all types of wastes from different activities to a valuable product. The second series of books entitled “Fundamentals and Mechanisms for Sustainable Development” was published by Dar El-Fikr El-Araby and authored by El-Haggar with five books. The fifth book in this series entitled "“Egypt - The Present and The Future: Vision Towards Reform” was published in 2011.

Dr. El-Haggar developed a new concept to assess the life cycle of a product according to cradle-to- cradle concept instead of cradle-to-grave concept used worldwide until today. This concept was developed based on 30 years of intensive and continual effort at AUC and documented in two books. The first book published in 2007 by Elsevier Academic Press entitled “Sustainable Industrial Design and Waste Management: Cradle-to-Cradle for Sustainable Development”. The second book (in press) by AUC Press entitled "Sustainability and Innovation: The Next Global Industrial Revolution" will be released in January 2016. These two books are the first books worldwide to demonstrate the concept of cradle-to-cradle to protect not only the environment but also the natural resources in terms of business plans.

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Title of Dr.Salah Haggar keynote lecture in ICNEEE 2016

Sustainability Through Green Economy