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Histo-Pathological Analysis unit


The health care system is extremely complex and it is currently undergoing a massive transformation with rapid advances in technology. Histopathological services have been leading the technology adaptation process and will continue to evolve rapidly with the introduction of recent technology.
Thus this research unit was established based on realizing the great importance of this science and the great potential of recent discoveries using immuniohistochemical techniques as well as cytopathological ones in catching up new discoveries giving hand in early detection of different pathological lesions. 

Immuniohistochemical techniques:

Provides important therapeutic and prognostic information. A wide range of antibodies can be used on paraffin embedded tissue samples, including archival material.
Electron Microscopy: this technique plays an important role in routine examination of all types of biopsies through the human body established a strong reputation for its expertise in tumor diagnosis using transmission and scanning electron microscopy facilities together with energy dispersive X-ray (EDX) analytical capabilities.
Molecular Techniques: actively involved in routine testing for some familial cancer syndromes ensuring coordination of the process and appropriate sample selection for DNA extraction.
Histoquantitation: this technique contributes to the diagnosis of muscle and nerve disorders. Semi-automated analysis of histological sections of these specimens is performed on a Quantimet 500MC image analyser.  

Future plans

  • Organizing varied activities for educating the public and professionals about the importance histopathological and cytopathological ways of making use of its applications.
  • Working with scientific research centers and specialized establishments through contractual research to make use of histopathological and cytopathological techniques in different fields (medical, dental).
  • Establishing an awareness center for providing information about diseases, contemporary treatments, places where alternative treatments are available and ways to obtain such treatments in addition to working to making these treatments available locally.

Points of interest:

  • Oral pathology –General pathology.
  • Oral histology- General histology
  • Oral Surgery – General Surgery.


Cooperation with medical establishments to make use of the histopathological immuniohistochemical and cytopathological techniques in the early diagnosis of diseases and increase the public awareness of their causes to reduce their spread as well as working to provide alternative treatments such as the use of recent technologies. 

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