December 8-10, 2017

Faculty of Computers and Information Technology
Future University, Cairo, Egypt

Topics of Interests

Knowledge Engineering (KE)

Knowledge acquisition, knowledge-based systems, knowledge compilation, shells and tools, methodologies, modeling, knowledge management, knowledge sharing, knowledge discovery, knowledge representation, and ontological engineering.

Big Data (BD)

BD processing and management, Infrastructures for BD, BD Management and Frameworks, Security & Privacy in the Era of BD, BD Analytics and Metrics, BD storage and retrieval, BD protection, BD economics, BD visualization, BD and social networks, and BD governance.

Machine learning (ML)

Case-Based reasoning, Data mining techniques, Fuzzy logic, rough sets, Inference and reasoning techniques, Neural computing, Genetic algorithms, and Multi-agent systems.

E-Activities & Technologies

E-Health, E-Learning, E-Business, E-Curt, E-Commerce, and E-Government.

International Projects & Relevant Applications

Business, economy, education, life sciences, medicine, and government.