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Higher magnification range (4-32X) and strong illumination have brought the mystery of the root canal system into the vision of operators.

A whole new line of instruments have been developed to be used with add of microscope.

Access openings especially in molar teeth with recessed pulps, identification of extra canals, judging cleaning and shaping, obturation with vertical compaction and thermo plasticized techniques are examples of uses of microscope in conventional root canal treatment. Other applications include endodontic retreatment; Coronal disassembly, removal of posts and defective root canal fillings, perforation repair, removal of broken instruments, management of open canals etc.

Endodontic microsurgery is another major field where clinicians started to use the surgical microscopes. All steps of endodontic microsurgery including flap incision and reflection, osteotomy, root end resection, preparation and filling are performed under different magnifications.

Definitely, the success rate of root canal treatment, retreatment and endodontic microsurgery has much improved in the era of Micro-endodontics.

Description of the center:

The center contains the highest technology and equipment available in the field of endodontics:
The center is divided into a laboratory, which have ten bench microscopes and a clinic, which have another ten patient microscopes. Every microscope is equipped with digital video camera for documentation. Every video camera is connected to LCD computer for recording. All the computers in the clinic are connected to each other and connected to a digital radiography system through a network. Both the laboratory and the clinic have different equipment and devices. 

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