Future University In Egypt (FUE)

Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues,

The way we perform endodontics has dramatically changed during the last decade. Surgical microscope has become integral part of our armamentarium. With the aid of ultrasonics, rotary NiTi system, and thermoplasticized obturation root canal treatment quality has been dramatically changed. Management of endodontic retreatment cases and iatrogenic mishaps like broken instruments and perforations became a reliable procedure with higher predictability. Running parallel with endodontic microsurgery, root canal treatment longevity has dramatically improved. The aim of Future Endodontic Microscope Center (FEMC) is to provide the highest esteem in the field. We are very proud to provide such level of education in Egypt. Dear all, the education we provide run parallel with most prestigious education you can’t find elsewhere in the world.

Director of FEMC
Prof. Ahmed Abdel Rahman Hashem 

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