Future University In Egypt (FUE)

The laboratory and the clinic are also equipped with the following devices:

  • Piezotome Ultrasonic unit (For bone removal and sinus lifting).
  • Sirolaser (Diode soft tissue LASER).
  • Buchanan hand pluggers.
  • MTA carrier.
  • Post removal system PRS.
  • Masserann kit (for post and broken instrument removal).
  • Steiglitz forceps.
  • All instruments needed for Endodontic microsurgery including:
    • Ruddle curretes.
    • Micro needle holder.
    • Micro scissors.
    • Micro mirrors.
    • Micro surgical suction.
    • Impact air 45.
    • Microcondensers and microburnishers.
    • Ultrasonic retropreparation kits.

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