Future University In Egypt (FUE)

Future Center for American Studies (FCAS)


Future Center for American Studies (FCAS) encourages carrying out research on issues of concern to policy makers, national institutions, political science researchers and academics who are interested in strengthening Egyptian- American interactions. In addition, FCAS arranges training workshops for media professionals, civil society activists, NGOs, policy makers, young partisans and business community on bilateral relations and the American society. Furthermore, FCAS provides in depth analysis of the American society and its political, economic and social dynamics which would help Egyptians to understand how political decisions are made in the USA. Issues such as good governance, transparency, political participation, election competitiveness, and anti-corruption measures which are conducted in the United States will be a main focus in the training of Egyptian and Arab audience. Egyptian and Arab professionals who go through training conducted by FCAS would be future trainers of trainees in this area.

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