Future University In Egypt (FUE)

Future Center for Political and Security Studies (FCPSS)


Future Center for Political and Security Studies (FCPSS) encourages carrying out research on issues of concern to policy makers, national institutions, political science researchers, academics and strategic analysts. In addition, FCPSS arranges training workshops to media professionals, civil society organizations, NGOs as well as government agencies on political subjects as well as issues related to refugees and immigrants. Furthermore, FCPSS provides in depth analysis of the Egyptian political system, society and its political, economic and social dynamics which would help in understanding comprehensive reform. FCPSS aims at exploring all avenues to regional cooperation among Egypt and both the Arab world and Middle East countries. It will go beyond the region to the main actors in the international system. Global issues such as environment, poverty, arms race, status of refugees and immigrants will be part of FCPSS interest.

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