Future University In Egypt (FUE)

Future Center for Political and Security Studies (FCPSS)


FCPSS aims at the following: 

  • Conducting research and studies on political and security issues whether national, regional or international as well as humanitarian such as human rights, refugees, immigrants, minorities as well as different components of national security.
  • Holding conferences, workshops, seminars where experts and policy makers from Egypt, the Arab world and the world at large will participate.
  • Managing training workshops for national security experts, media correspondents who cover military and strategic issues in order to upgrade their political culture and conscience.
  • Arranging public lectures where public figures, politicians as well as national security experts and others from Egypt and different countries are invited.
  • Publishing policy papers, booklets and books to help students, researchers and policy makers to understand more issues which concern Egypt and the Arab World.

Article (3): A Director of FCPSS is appointed by the Dean of economicspoliticalscience. The Director should be, at the minimum, an associate professor of political science. This appointment is endorsed by FCPSS Board of Directors for 4 years whish could be renewed for only another additional four years.

FCPSS Board of Directors is composed for four years as follows:

  • Chair, Board of Trustees.
  • University President.
  • Dean of economicspoliticalscience.
  • Director of FCPSS.
  • 3 Experts/ Professors of political science and military.
  • 3 public figures from outside the university.

The Board meets on quarterly basis upon the Director's invitation. It endorses the research, study and activities plans/ agenda as well as the FCPSS financial status. It also endorses the FCPSS policies and objectives such as: 

  • Determining authorities and responsibilities of the Director and the financial employee in charge. It also determines the salaries, honoraria and financial bonus. All of these should not exceed 35% of received funds after deducting all running costs.
  • Determining salaries, honoraria and bonus of researchers, employees and experts working in and for FCPSS.
  • Discussing all issues of concern presented by the Director.

Resolutions by the FCPSS Board of Directors will be effective only upon endorsement by both the President of the University and the Chair of the Board of Trustees.

FCPSS Director is responsible for technical administration as well as financial activities. It is possible for the Director to appoint a deputy, endorsed by the Dean, to manage FCPSS during his absence.

The Board of Directors appoints, upon the Director's nomination, the financial employee in charge. He/ She will be in charge of the financial aspects of FCPSS activities. Checks should be signed by both the Dean and the Director.

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