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Course Assessment and Grading System

Course Assessment and Grading System

Students will be evaluated and graded at the end of each course. The final marks given by the instructor in percentage for all courses except research project courses will be a weighted average of the marks earned in the three areas identified below.

  • Attendance/Participation/Projects/Tests: 30%
  • Midterm Exam: 30%
  • Final Exam: 40%

The percentage marks for each registered student in a course will appear as a letter grade with equivalent grade points per credit on his/her transcript according to the following course grading system:

Grade Grade Points Percentage Marks Description
A 4.00 95-100 Excellent
A- 3.67 90-94 Excellent
B+ 3.33 85-89 Very Good
B 3.00 80-84 Very Good
B- 2.67 75-79 Good
C+ 2.33 70-74 Good
C 2.00 65-69 Pass
C- 1.67 60-64 Pass
F 0 Less than 60 Fail
P N/A* 60 or more Pass
NP N/A* Less than 60 No Pass
W N/A* N/A* Withdrawal
I N/A* N/A* Incomplete
T N/A* N/A* Transfer
L N/A* N/A* Audit

* Not Applicable


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