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Course Failure

Course Failure

  • Any student who fails to complete the work for a course will be assigned a grade of ‘F’ for the course and the student’s transcript will show ‘F’ for that course. Credit hours attempted for a course for which a grade of ‘F’ is awarded enter into the calculation of the CGPA.
  • A student who stopped attending will be assigned a grade ‘F’ if he or she did not fill up the withdrawal course form during the withdrawal period unless the student has an acceptable valid reason.
  • A student who misses the final examination without an appropriate reason will receive a grade of F.
  • Students who failed a required course in any semester must repeat that course. Students who failed an elective course must subsequently repeat that course or register in another elective course.
  • Students can repeat a failed course and only the higher course grade will be used in the computation of the cumulative GPA.


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