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Specialization Core Courses in Business Administration

Specialization Core Courses in Business Administration

MBAC BA21 - Organizational Theory

During this course, key theories regarding organizations in general and public organizations will be discussed, the main goal of the class is to get students to have a comprehensive understanding of what organizations are and how they work. The formal and informal functions of organizations, organization structure, types of organizations, organizational culture and leadership and issues relating to performance will be discussed and debated. The way work should be organized, the internal environment of organizations, how power relations impact organization functioning and how the organization can adapt to the external environment are also topics that will be covered by the course. Throughout this course, participants will have different individual and team tasks that aim to assess the level of understanding of these concepts and the capacity to use them in real case situations.

MBAC BA22 - Entrepreneurship and SMEs

Entrepreneurship and SMEs course focuses on the strategic, financial and creative skills required for setting up participants own company or contributing to an existing small business. Students in this course will learn to recognize business opportunities, apply managerial skills, find relevant information in academic literature on entrepreneurship and SME management, and gain practical experience through setting up their own company or working with the management team of a real SME.

MBAC BA23 - Research Project in Business Administration

This course is designed for participants to understand the process by which business leaders respond to business problems. The course Integrates research skills and professional business practices by providing an opportunity to apply current research to a business problem. During this course, participants should work with their supervisor related to the type of business research that is appropriate for the participants and their area of interest.


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