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Specialization Core Courses in Project Management and Entrepreneurship

Specialization Core Courses in Project Management and Entrepreneurship

MBAC PM21 - Fundamentals of Project Management and Entrepreneurship

This course focuses on the actual tasks and activities of the entrepreneur from researching venture feasibility, to launching the venture, to managing growth. Covered are descriptions of real entrepreneurs in action, facing the challenges that entrepreneurs must deal with, and making good and even some not-so-good decisions. This course also concentrates on the process of starting a new business. Students will learn how to identify, assess and develop a business plan as well as how to find and evaluate business opportunities.

MBAC PM22 - Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation

This course aims to enhance participants' understanding of the role of the entrepreneur in the new venture creation process and develop their capabilities to recognize, assess and articulate new venture opportunities; to understand the resources required to underpin venture development and growth; and know from where and how to access these resources. The course also seeks to help participants to develop a greater awareness of their personal goals, motivations, strengths and limitations in the context of venture creation and growth, particularly in the context of forming new ventures or joining a new young venture.

MBAC PM23 - Research Project in Project Management and Entrepreneurship

The aim of this course is to enable students from a variety of backgrounds to gain experience and develop their knowledge in entrepreneurship into practical skills to a very high level. The course will assist in the development of interpersonal skills, analytical ability, and business acumen to the stage that the student is confident of starting and running a new venture. The course's syllabus incorporates proposing and operationalizing a practical business plan, implementing it, and exiting the business in either a start-up, existing projects, or role play.


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