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Specialization Elective Courses in Project Management and Entrepreneurship

Specialization Elective Courses in Project Management and Entrepreneurship

MBAE PM24 - Leadership and Organizations

This course explores the complex relationship of strategic economic issues within an organization and the organization's interaction with other firms in the industry. The course begins with a brief overview of the basic economics of the firm and uses those principles to drive an analysis of the firm’s activities and interactions with other firms. The course examines different market structures to see how overall economic structure affects decision making and interactions; this basic structure will be used to analyze competition with other firms in obtaining resources, setting prices to maximize profits, and reacting to decisions of competitors. The course also examines methodologies for evaluating results and explores ways to use that analysis in making future decisions.

MBAE PM25 – Managing Innovation and Organizational Change

This course examines the role of innovation in the management of organizations. It explores, in more detail, the role of creativity as well as the nature and processes of organizational change. It focuses on technological, administrative, and process innovation as well as on contemporary techniques and procedures used to understand, initiate, plan, and implement change. The course is shaped by concerns over the need to combine consistent structures for predictable and efficient operations and personnel employment with flexibility and timely adaptability to respond to shifts in the environment. It adopts a critical perspective and uses a multi-disciplinary framework, drawing on several areas as they contribute to the theory and practice of innovation and change.

MBAE PM26 - Feasibility Study and Project Appraisal

This course develops a student’s ability to undertake complex feasibility studies. Students will learn these skills and techniques through performing various feasibility studies of differing size and complexity. This course also takes students through the rudiments of evaluating, financing and managing projects at the micro and macro levels. It includes practical exercises using key project management software support tools such as MS Excel and MS Projects.

MBAE PM27 - Project Risk Management

This course offers a proven method for incorporating risk management processes as integral elements of project management. The course will present different approaches to identify risks; qualitative and quantitative methods to analyze risks and determine their impacts; risk ranking and response techniques; and approaches to monitor, control, and communicate risks throughout the project life cycle. Students will learn how to increase the probability of project success by applying techniques to reduce threats and enhance unexpected opportunities. They will also learn how to prepare a comprehensive risk management plan, discover different approaches to identify, assess, and quantify risks and their impacts.

MBAE PM28 – Advanced Operations Management

This course introduces students to the concepts underlying effective operation and control of manufacturing and service businesses. Approaches to production control, inventory policy, facilities planning, methods improvement and technological assessment are studied.


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