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Specialization Core Courses in Marketing Management

Specialization Core Courses in Marketing Management

MBAC MKT21 - Strategic Marketing

The course examines the development and implementation of marketing strategy by providing a framework from which to identify and evaluate strategic options and programs. Topics: forecasting and contextual possibilities, product-market definition, relationships with channels of distribution, relationships with customers, competitive analysis, financial models for marketing strategists, portfolio models, strategic assessment of offerings, marketing strategy implementation systems. This course requires that students have a strong foundation of marketing knowledge gained from Introduction to Marketing (a knowledge of market segmentation).

MBAC MKT22 - Market Research

This course will introduce market research as a business decision-making tool. The primary goal of this course is to equip students with an understanding of how market research can help them make business decisions and how they can transform research findings into actionable business insights. The course also aims to help students gain the ability to evaluate and interpret research designed and conducted by outside providers.

MBAC MKT23 - Research Project in Marketing

This course will enable the students to participate in a project related to the marketing field. The students will be exposed to intensive sessions that will enhance and develop their knowledge about research methods, marketing research, promotion strategies, as well as new recent issues in marketing management. The research project is designed to equip the students with the skills necessary to promote and advertise their marketing knowledge. Students will apply the marketing planning concepts, principles and they will work on developing their analytical as well as their conceptual skills in the marketing management field.


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