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Specialization Core Courses in Human Resources Management

Specialization Core Courses in Human Resources Management

MBAC HR21 - Leadership and Organization

This course presents leadership and management theories/concepts and provides students with the opportunity to develop an advanced understanding of exercising leadership. In addition, students will survey contemporary perspectives on ethics, networking, coaching, organizational culture, diversity, learning organizations, strategic leadership, and crisis leadership. Special attention will be paid on examining the role that leaders play in identifying and implementing change in organizations.

MBAC HR22 - Managing Organizational Change

This course examines how business enterprises are designed, managed and changed to operate efficiently and perform effectively within their competitive environments. It critically examines organizations that vary in terms of such characteristics as size, complexity, goals, and technology as they operate under different circumstances and at various stages of their life cycles. The role and impact of individual managers receive particular attention.

MBAC HR23 - Research Project in Human Resources Management

This course helps students to understand the research process in the field of human resources management, provides them with practical insight into the research process, and assists them in understanding how to read and evaluate research in the field of human resources management.


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