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Specialization Core Courses in Banking

Specialization Core Courses in Banking

MBAC BM21 - Asset- Liability Management in Commercial Banks

This course will provide participants with an understanding of the main activities undertaken within a bank’s treasury area including funds transfer pricing, rate risk management and liquidity risk management. Students who attend this course will leave with a better understanding of the core disciplines within ALM – and how major banks address the challenge of optimizing balance sheet structure in a changing regulatory world.

MBAC BM22 - Risk Management in Commercial Banks

This course provides the student with the conceptual framework necessary to analyze and comprehend the current problems confronting managers of commercial banks and other financial intermediaries. This course also deepens understanding of the bank management and on the other side extends the knowledge from risk management field (with emphasis on current international regulations) in accordance with the best practices applied at current practice. Students gain practical experience through a numerous assignment solving that are related to current analysis and risk management practices in commercial banks and use concrete commercial banks data.

MBAC BM23 - Research Project in Banking

This course helps students to understand the research process in the field of banking, provides them with practical insight into the research process, and assists them in understanding how to read and evaluate research in the field of banking.


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