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Specialization Elective Courses in Hospital Management and Health Care

Specialization Elective Courses in Hospital Management and Health Care

MBAE HCM24 - Health Care Finance

The course introduces the fiscal problems in health care organizations. Emphasis is placed on health care reimbursement, working capital, financial statements, and accounting/monetary control of health care industry.

MBAE HCM25 - Health Care Quality Management

This course focuses on quality and patient saengineeringy management using continuous quality improvement and team building techniques. Topics to be examined include the history of quality, leaders and trends in health care quality and patient saengineeringy, measure and measurement development, analysis of variation and quality practices in different health care environments, administrative responsibilities and structures with respect to production and service quality, including the function and roles of professional and non-professional staff.

MBAE HCM26 - Health Care Policy and Regulations

The course explores how to improve patient saengineeringy and create policies that improve the overall quality of health care. Students will develop a robust understanding of health care systems, legislative procedures, and quality improvement as they relate to continuously evolving health care policy. The course provides the skills required to shape, interpret, implement and evaluate health care policies and regulations.

MBAE HCM27 - Health Care Information Systems and Technology

This course exposes students to the concepts and knowledge involved in making strategic use of information technology (IT) in health care organizations. The course clarifies how to establish IT linkages to business, planning, and governance. In addition it introduces students to technology management through the analysis of the lifecycle of IT, IT architecture, systems integration, and standards. The course focuses on key health care implications and the impact of IT upon quality, cost, and operations.

MBAE HCM28 - Global Health Care Systems

This course will provide an overview of the most important health challenges facing the world today. Students will gain insight into how challenges have changed over time, and the likely determinants of such change. Successful international strategies and programs promoting human health will be highlighted and global health governance structures will be mapped and the role of the key actors explored.


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