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Specialization Core Courses in Management Information Systems

Specialization Core Courses in Management Information Systems

MBAC MIS21 – Advanced Management Information Systems

This course focuses on helping students achieve an understanding of general concepts of Management Information Systems (MIS) and how companies use it to reach competitive advantage, reduce the cost of existing business processes and improve decision making. By the end of the course, students will be able to identify the use of MIS in business today; discuss MIS definition and categories and identify types of Business Information Systems and Enterprise Applications. This is done through business case approaches, where real business cases are introduced illustrating important topics of the course and demonstrating relevance to the current practice of MIS.

MBAC MIS22 - Introduction to Programming

This course is an introduction to programming for students with little or no programming experience. There are two primary goals for the students taking this course: (I) to learn fundamental programming skills, and (ii) to learn systematic and logical thinking. Basic programming concepts that will be tackled during this course will include: variables, loops, conditions, arrays, functions, and classes. Also, students will learn basic problem-solving approaches that include: abstraction, division into sequential pieces, and division into layers.

MBAC MIS23 - Research Project in MIS

This course aims to develop the students’ ability to plan, analyze, design, implement, validate, and maintain computerized information systems. Specifically, the course will: develop the students' skills of identifying and selecting information systems development projects and using different selection criteria, introduce approaches and models for information systems analysis and design, highlight and integrate the methodologies, techniques, and tools needed to produce and maintain information systems.


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