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Specialization Elective Courses in Management Information Systems

Specialization Elective Courses in Management Information Systems

MBAE MIS24 - Database Systems

The course provides students with a comprehensive introduction to database concepts. Primary focus is on the relational model of data base management and querying databases using Structured Query Language (SQL). Existing relational data bases are examined and manipulated, and new relational data bases are created to develop the technical skills a programmer needs to design, develop, and implement multi-layer client/server data base applications. Topics include advanced data base programming, and how to develop client-server data base applications.

MBAE MIS25 - Information Systems Analysis and Design

The objective of this course is to understand the process of analysis, design, and implementation of information systems, learn methods, techniques and related issues of systems analysis and design, gain some hands-on experience in systems analysis and design.

MBAE MIS26 - Advanced Programming

The Advanced Programming course is a successor to the Introduction to Programming course. This course teaches some advanced programming concepts. It builds upon prior knowledge of students about programming using languages. This is going to be an intensive hands-on course and is going to be heavily based on programming research assignments. The course begins with a discussion on Introduction to Object Oriented Paradigm and Programming Concepts. Students will learn the key elements of a typical object oriented application such as objects, classes, messages, interfaces, abstraction, inheritance, encapsulation and polymorphism. After covering the basics of object oriented programming, GUI programming, collections framework, and other advanced programming concepts are covered.

MBAE MIS27 - Business Intelligence

This course will introduce the basic principles in Business Intelligence research. With business intelligence, student will learn how to explore data and analyze it to derive insights that can effect positive change within the enterprise. Describe fundamental data mining techniques and concepts. Evaluate and visualize results of data science projects. Make a data science exercise (from data to knowledge) by making use of appropriate software (e.g. Weka). Thinking data-analytically: design an analytic solution for business problems based on the available data, tools and techniques. Assess the value of data science for business strategic goals, and understand how complex problems may be translated into a combination of fundamental data mining techniques.

MBAE MIS28 - Web Applications Development

This course aims to provide students with a comprehensive overview of web applications development. It will provide students with the skills to design and develop distributed web applications in a disciplined manner, using a range of tools and technologies. It will provide an overview of the tools and technologies used in web development, promote the disciplined design and development of web applications, develop an understanding of the complexity of building distributed applications and develop the ability to implement and deploy a web application. It will also strengthen their understanding of the context and rationale of distributed systems.


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